Category: thoughts

10 Dec

A lot of people have asked me what UI/UX is lately, how they relate, and whether or not they’re interchangeable. UI and UX relate, but they’re very different. UI is the User Interface. It’s the part of the technology/product/software that[…]

19 Oct

Gamification is defined by UX designer and researcher Sebastian Deterding (2011) as “the use of game design elements in non-game contexts.” When you’re playing a game, you’re engrossed as that character. You’re not reading about it, or witnessing it, you are[…]

7 Oct

Written for Moveable Online. There has been lots of talk about The Internet of Things (IOT) and how it will bring in a new paradigm of interconnectivity among our devices, interactions and world. IOT has become a sort of buzzword in[…]

5 Aug

I was talking with a friend the other day and he eventually, predictably, after adjusting his monocle for extra class, classily proclaimed “Screw the government.” Doesn’t matter what the context was. What matters is that this friend has made that his[…]

5 Jul

About a year ago, my undergrad lab section replicated a study by Dr. Schommer and colleagues in which the activity of the endocrine system was investigated after we repeatedly induced stress in participants (yes, you can be a jerk if[…]

3 May

Religion is traditionally defined as the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal god or gods. Faith, which comes hand in hand, is defined as a strong belief in god or in the doctrines of a[…]

16 Mar

Now more than ever it seems socially conscious people are paying attention to economics. The dismal science as it has been called has gotten me into many discussions as of late (most ending dismally). I think this is tied to[…]

5 Feb

Written for the TUPF. You could make the argument that photography is humble. It’s an art-form where the artist takes a backseat to the subject. The “subject” is the draw. The photographer sets a stage to prop the subject up[…]