An annoyance free CAPTCHA replacement system.

A client-side solution for identity verification to keep pesky bots out. Declare your own, as specific as desired, unique questions and answers to match your site content that only your flesh-and-blood non-metallic users would know. Right answers allow the user to send the information, wrong answers block the submit button until the question or page is manually refreshed.

Deckard would be proud (Unless he was a replicant. That ending was ambiguous).


1) Fork and/or download the project via Github, and reference the JavaScript file manually within your own project folder:

2) Link up your forms with Replican't to activate the dynamically generating questions, answer input box, refresh and submit buttons.

3) Edit the replicant.js file to pass through your desired questions and answers in the proper arrays. Make sure that each question corresponding to each answer is in the same order in the array so that Replican't can verify correctly.

4) Contribute! I coded this in an evening, and is a simple example of something that can be so much better with uh, better code. So if you can, make it better. It's the only way to stop the robot uprising.